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SubDrum Industries LLC was incorporated on October 10, 2020 by Larry Moroni, founder and owner of the “SubDrum®” brand of technologies.  Larry's been a life-long musician (drummer) and avid audiophile with multiple decades of experience in electronics and sound systems.  The company was formed in response to the idea of transforming acoustic drums and percussion instruments into incredible sounding subwoofers, speakers and sound systems.


The original idea was to take a used bass drum and convert it into a visually appealing subwoofer, which would also function as an attractive glass-topped coffee table.  Now you can literally "Face the Bass!" as we like to say. 


Much research and development went into the design and subsequent revisions of the original SubDrum® to ensure excellence in sound fidelity, reproducibility, functionality and pleasing aesthetics in the home, studio or club setting!


Early in 2021, SubDrum® Industries teamed up with Sound Engineer John Hulland, a graduate of Full Sail University’s Recording Arts program.  John is also an avid musician and bass guitarist.  With John on the team, the Company is now able to take the concept a step further by combining SubDrum® coffee tables with tom toms, thereby transforming them into full range hi-fidelity stereo speakers. 


This combination of high end speaker drivers (from companies like JBL, Infinity and the like) matched with quality percussion instruments provides for a dynamic reproduction of the entire audio spectrum, that which one would experience in a live concert setting.  You will actually see, feel and hear the drums which you’ll perceive as the actual source of the dramatic sounds!


Going forward, SubDrum Industries LLC will remain on the forefront of sound technologies, combining both high end speakers and amplifiers with unique drum and percussion instruments to achieve products that are well suited for the today’s modern home, studio or club venue!