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SubDrum® SpeakerToms™ - Full Range Stereo with JBL Coaxial Drivers 

The full range stereo SpeakerToms™ from SubDrum Industries LLC include a pair of 8" high efficiency JBL coaxial speakers mounted utilizing the SubDrum® mounting technology.  They employ much of the same unique, patent-pending technology as the original SubDrum® subwoofer speakers.  With this technology, SubDrum Industries has achieved several advantages over traditional speaker driver and cabinet combinations.

Through its reinforced “float-in-head” mounting system, SubDrum Industries has been able to successfully mount speaker drivers securely into and onto the drum’s tough mylar head. This “floating” suspension prevents resonant vibrations of the speaker’s frame from ever being transferred to the speaker cabinet. Doing so virtually eliminates resonant cabinet distortions from ever becoming an issue!

Due to the speaker’s unique mounting system, the drum head is allowed to freely oscillate in unison with the the back pressure wave of the active speaker driver. This allows for greater sound efficiency and tremendous dynamic impact which is actually seen, felt and heard.

You’ll actually perceive the percussive sounds as being generated by the drums themselves!  The full range stereo SpeakerTom™ speakers gain additional benefits from SubDrum’s patent-pending “float-in-head” design technology. Besides the tremendous visual impact of having an 8” mid bass driver and 1”  tweeter conspicuously mounted in the head of a tom drum, the dynamic auditory impact of mid-bass frequencies can be felt as well as heard!

SubDrum® SpeakerToms™ with 8" JBL coaxial speakers are available in several styles & colors, drum brands and mounting configurations:


• Cable Suspended Ceiling Mount
• CymbalTree Lamp Mount

• Rack Mounted directly on a SubDrum® E-SUB kick drum subwoofer.

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