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SubDrum Tour

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SubDrum Industries LLC was incorporated on October 10, 2020 by Larry Moroni, founder and owner of the SubDrum® brand and technologies.  Larry's been a life-long musician (drummer) and avid audiophile with multiple decades of experience in electronics and sound systems.  The company was formed in response to the idea and development of transforming acoustic drums and percussion instruments into incredible subwoofers, speakers and sound systems.


The original idea was to take a used bass drum and convert it into a visually appealing subwoofer, which would also function as an attractive glass-topped coffee table.  No longer are speaker cabinets destine to be a simply a rectangular wooden box into which speaker drivers are placed!  


At SubDrum® we believe in designing speakers which are "outside the box"!


Much research and development went into the design and subsequent revisions of the original SubDrum® prototype to ensure excellence in sound fidelity, reproducibility, functionality and pleasing aesthetics in the home, studio or club setting!  The Company eventually filed for two US Patents in 2022 regarding the design and technology of the drums-to-speakers invention which included SubDrum's® float-in-head™ speaker suspension, along with other vibration isolating techniques.


Early in 2021, SubDrum® Industries the Company took the concept a step further by combining SubDrum® coffee tables with a pair of speaker-infused tom tom drums, thereby transforming them into full range hi-fidelity stereo speakers which we call SpeakerToms™.


This combination of high end speaker drivers along with quality drum components (from companies like PDP/DW, Ludwig and Yamaha) provides for a dynamic reproduction of the entire audio spectrum.   The sound experience is that which one would experience in a live concert setting.  You will actually see, feel and hear the bass and drums like you're supposed to hear them...with true fidelity and amazing dynamics!


Late in 2022 we hired Ryan Gillham, a dynamic individual with broad business experience in the martial arts (3rd degree blackbelt) and as the owner of his own online marketing/merchandising venture.  With Ryan's broad business and internet experience and his love for music, he will be instrumental in running and growing the business operations of SubDrum Industries LLC.  


Going forward, SubDrum will remain on the forefront of sound technologies, combining both high end speakers and amplifiers with unique drum and percussion instruments to design and produce products that are well suited for the today’s modern home, studio or club venue!  


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see the latest developments from SubDrum®!

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