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System Package A

SubDrum® Coffee Table + Suspended SpeakerToms™ + 2.1 Class D Amplifier 

This package is comprised of the original 22” SubDrum® Coffee Table Subwoofer combined with a matching stereo pair of SubDrum® SpeakerTomsTM with 8” coaxial drivers; The SubDrum 2.1 Class D Amplifier is also included in this incomparable system package. This powerhouse Class D amplifier powers this complete system, which has switchable inputs for RCA, Bluetooth and USB configurations.

The package also includes the single point suspension system for hanging each of the SpeakerTomsTM from ceilings, rafters or stage trusses. A single swag-style ceiling hook is all that is needed to suspend each speaker. The uniquely simple, vinyl coated cable suspension system allows for each SpeakerTomsTM to be adjusted to any virtually any useable angle, tailoring the sound dispersion of your SpeakerToms™ to your unique listening space.

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