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System Package C

Package “C” SubDrum® V-Kit (Vertical Subwoofer + SpeakerTomsTM + 2.1 Class D Amplifier (package SDP003)

When you don’t need a coffee table, but you still want the coolest percussion-themed subwoofer and speakers on the planet, Package “C” is your obvious choice! The SubDrum® V-Kit Vertical Subwoofer + SpeakerTomsTM is specifically designed to hold a stereo pair of SubDrum® SpeakerTomsTM which are rack-mounted directly onto your vertically configured SubDrum® subwoofer. You also have the option of a ceiling suspension of the SpeakerTomsTM to allow for wider placement of the full range speakers, while you position the SubDrum® subwoofer by itself anywhere in the listening room.

The SubDrum® V-Kit allows for an attractive and secure way to mount your SpeakerTomsTM directly onto the subwoofer. Fully adjustable, this mounting allows for a full panoramic dispersion of stereo sound in virtually any setting. For intimate settings, the SpeakerTomsTM can be adjusted narrowly for close-proximity listening, or may be adjusted outwardly for a larger sound field.

The SubDrum V-Kit has been cleverly designed to emulate the dynamic look of a traditional drum kit with the added advantage of SubDrum’s® patent-pending technology. This technology produces an unbelievable, 3-D sound field with distortion-free, hi-fidelity sound! Simply add a matching SubDrum® SnareLiteTM studio lamp to the mix to complete the look of your drum kit inspired sound system!

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