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System Package E

System Package E

SubDrum® E-Kit LIVETM (package SDP003)— E-Kit LIVETM is the drummer’s choice for precisely accurate sound reproduction with powerful signal amplification! The system provides drummers with spectacular visual and sonic impact, both on stage or in a studio setting; the SubDrum® E-Kit LIVETM is equally at home on stage, in the studio or in any practice space in your home!


With it’s patent-pending speaker design, SubDrum Industries has created an incredible E-Kit amplification system with drummers (particularly e-drummers) in mind! Not only does it look super cool, but as a PA/sound monitoring system it replicates percussive sounds like no other speaker system on the market today! Through SubDrum’s proprietary speaker-head-shell technologies, the Company has reimagined how drum instruments could be used as incredible and artful speaker systems!

With this technology, SubDrum Industries has achieved several advantages over traditional speaker driver/cabinet combinations:

Through its reinforced “float-in-head” mounting system, SubDrum has been able to successfully mount and “float” speaker drivers directly into and securely onto the drum’s tough mylar head. This “floating” suspension prevents resonant vibrations of the speaker’s frame from ever being transferred to the speaker’s drum shell cabinet. Doing so virtually eliminates resonant cabinet distortions from ever becoming an issue!

Due to the speaker’s unique mounting system, the drum head is allowed to freely oscillate in unison with the the back pressure wave of the active speaker driver. This allows for greater sound efficiency and tremendous dynamic impact which is actually seen, felt and heard. You’ll actually perceive the percussive sounds as being generated by the drums themselves!

The system consists of a 22” SubDrum® E-SUB (18” subwoofer driver) with tom mounting arms to mount a pair of 10” & 12” SpeakerTomsTM with 8” Kevlar Coax drivers and 1” silk dome tweeters (Kevlar cones available in “SubDrum Yellow” or “Carbon Black”).


The system also includes the small, but powerful SubDrum 2.1 Class D Amplifier with bluetooth, RCA and USB input connectivities. The SubDrum® 2.1 Amp drives the E-SUBTM subwoofer and matched pair of SpeakerTomsTM to substantial and accurate sound intensities when used as a studio monitor, or when performing in a small club or music venue.

For larger events you’ll likely be using the “house” PA system, but that’s when you’ll really want to have your SubDrum® E-Kit LIVE on stage with you! With the SpeakerTomsTM easily reposition-able to face you in “monitor mode”, the immediate and accurate mix of dynamic stereo sounds will engulf you during your performance. The 18” SubDrum® E-SUB will replicate kick drum sounds like no other e-drum monitoring system! Only then will you truly appreciate your e-kit drums for a live stage performance, no matter the brand, make or model. And when you’re not out being a rock star, The SubDrum® E-Kit LIVE is equally at home in any room of your house to be your amazing and uniquely artful sound system.

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