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SubDrum® SnareLiteTM Studio Lamp

The SnareLiteTM from SubDrum® is the perfect way to create just the right amount light and ambience in any music-inspired room in your home, studio or music venue! SnareLiteTM is produced from an actual, playable 14” snare drum which has been transformed into a functional and visually exciting lighted art piece. SnareLiteTM can set just the right mood and lighting ambiance for your music-inspired, artistic space.

The bottom section of the lamp is produced from an actual hi-hat stand that’s been morphed with a snare stand basket which holds the SnareLiteTM lamp at virtually any desired angle. The hi-hat footboard pedal has been designed and repurposed to actuate the SnareLite’sTM on/off switch!

As for the lighting itself, two separate LED programmable bulbs are installed inside the drum to allow for a mix of lighting and color intensities to permeate the room via the top and bottom heads. The snare’s top head is white coated which allows for a soft, diffused light to emit from the top as a soft “wash” for walls and ceiling. The bottom head is transparent, therefore allowing for more direct intensity of light for reading, doing close work or for highlighting a specific area of a room.

The SubDrum® SnareLiteTM is available in a variety of drum brands, colors and finishes. SubDrum Industries can also transform virtually any brand or model of snare drum into a SnareLiteTM on a custom basis, and do so without affecting the playability or future value of the drum. You can now permanently display your favorite snare drum by having us transform it into a unique, one of a kind SnareLiteTM lamp!

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