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SubDrum® End Table Subwoofer

SubDrum® Jr. End Table Subwoofers - New (Various drum brands)

This is the original SubDrum® Jr. end table subwoofer conceived and design by SubDrum Industries (SDI)! The idea was to take a new, quality brand floor tom drum and turn it into an artful, yet highly functional glass-topped end table that also happen to serve as a powerful, close-proximity subwoofer! After two years of extensive research and development, SDI was able to perfect the idea and file two U.S. patents regarding the design technologies of the SubDrum® brand.

You can now position your subwoofer adjacent to your room’s prime listening area without concern for bass degradation or increasing boominess. It’s designed to allow for placement of your SubDrum® sub in virtually any space in your room. This is thanks to it’s patent-pending vibration isolation methods along with the acoustic bass porting of the resonant head to gain improved efficiency of the bass drum cabinet; this also allows for subsonic frequencies to escape and be reflected downward onto the floor for unimpeded bass dispersion throughout the room.

Having the SubDrum® subwoofer nearer to the listening area increases the 3-D dimensionality of the sonic listening experience! Due to SubDrum’s vibration isolation techniques you can freely use the subwoofer table-top without concern for item’s falling off. For drinks we recommend using one of our SubDrum® supplied drink coasters!

The typical floor tom is 16” in diameter into which we install a powerful 12” (or optionally 15”) SubDrum® subsonic speaker driver. The SubDrum® Jr. End Table subwoofer is then topped with a heavy, 20” diameter tempered glass top using sound isolation risers to “float” it above the drum head.

A SubDrum® subwoofer will enhance any listening space and become the focal point of any music-inspired room in your home, club or studio. The subwoofer comes standard as a passive (non-powered) subwoofer; but when coupled with the SubDrum® 2.1 Class D amplifier (SD30E), it now becomes the powered central hub of your room’s incredible sound system!

All SubDrum® Jr. subwoofers are supplied unpowered (passive) so you may add your own amplifier (up to 1,000 W Peak/ 600 W rms)! Otherwise, take advantage of matching it with the bluetooth enabled SubDrum® 2.1 Class D amplifier (SD001); This addition enables you to pair it with the acoustically matched SpeakerTomsTM (full range stereo speakers) in a variety of custom finishes and configurations!


With it’s patents-pending speaker technology, SubDrum Industries has created an extraordinary subwoofer that not only looks super cool, but also replicates the bass and percussive sounds of today’s music with amazing accuracy and precision! SubDrum’s visionary drum-to-speaker technology has allowed the Company to reimagine how drum instruments may be transformed into incredibly artful and powerful speaker systems.

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