SubDrum® Coffee Table Subwoofer

The SubDrum® Coffee Table Subwoofer is the original SubDrum® product concept developed and produced by SDI (SubDrum Industries LLC).  The idea was to design and produce a powerful audio subwoofer that could double as a unique, music-themed coffee table by mating new, used or vintage bass (kick) drums with a powerful 18" long excursion subwoofer driver (2,000 W max).  



To make it functional as furniture, we turned the drum 90º onto its front (batter) head, while its resonance head (now with a reinforced mounted 18" driver) is facing up toward the listeners. We then topped it off with a vibration isolated, tempered glass table top.  The result is the most incredible subwoofer/coffee table which you've ever seen, heard or felt!  As we say, you will actually "Face the Bass!" which provides for an incredible "live performance" feel to your music listening experience!

Blue Subsonic Table CenterFocus.jpg