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The technology behind SubDrum®

The 22" SubDrumTM Coffee Table with 18" subwoofer is a 22" x 18" bass (kick) drum which is configured horizontally and installed with a powerful 18" subwoofer speaker driver which handles up to 2,000 watts of maximum peak power.  The 18" subwoofer driver is mounted with our proprietary SubDrumTM Mounting Ring System right onto and into the drumhead itself to ensure complete vibration isolation from the speaker frame to the speaker cabinet (the drum). The speaker driver is virtually "floating" in its mount via our proprietary design and process.


Very minor modifications have been made to the drum shell, only small refillable holes to accommodate the speaker connections, but the drum may very easily be restored to its original playing condition if you were inclined to do so.  But once you hear, feel and see this subwoofer in action you would never think about changing it back to just a drum...why would you? 


Once the speaker driver is installed, the tension rods are fitted with vibration isolating risers to elevate the drum off the floor at just the right height for in-phase sound dispersion and optimum acoustic performance; The upper tension rods are fitted with the same isolating risers to prevent unwanted vibrations from transferring to the thick tempered glass table-top.  This same space (gap) allows for low and mid-bass sounds to escape by emanating from under the glass tabletop without vibrating the glass itself!  You will not believe the vibration isolation which is accomplished by this design.  Go ahead, put a drink or set of keys on the glass top!  You'll see there's no problem with vibrations at virtually all listing levels.


The results are incredibly accurate sound characteristics with ultra-wide dispersion of deep bass frequencies throughout the room via its bottom (resonant) drum head.  The speaker's back-wave sound is purposely directed to the floor via the resonant head to use the room's floor substrate to emanate the sounds throughout the listening area.  This subwoofer does NOT need to be placed in a corner of the room to optimize the bass.  With the subwoofer now closer to the listener, you get true dimensionality of sound as you would in a live performance.  


As sold, the 22" SubDrumTM Coffee Table is a passive speaker device, meaning you will need to send a powered subwoofer signal (using a separate amplifier) from your own amp, or you can add the optionally available SubDrumTM  2.1 Bluetooth Power Amplifier which provides an ample 100W rms subwoofer output with separate frequency and volume adjustments for the sub, plus 2 x 50W rms stereo outputs for your own outboard speakers, or to drive the optional SpeakerTomsTM as supplied by SubDrumTM to complete your 2.1 stereo system.

Exploded Diagram Subdrum® Coffee Table subwoofer
suspended SpeakerToms diagram
SubDrum® patent pending technology explained!
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