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by Larry S. Moroni - Owner of SubDrum Industries LLC

First let me say that as a life-long drummer and avid audiophile, I had always been intrigued with the idea of melding my passion for percussion instruments with my love for high fidelity sound systems.


So one day in early 2020, while tinkering around in the Cave studios…I had a music-inspired epiphany!   I thought to myself “hey, I think I may have just invented a new kind of subwoofer: one that could serve multiple functions as a super cool coffee table, a seriously powerful subwoofer and an eclectic, music-inspired art piece!” 


Let me explain…

Several years prior, I had made a coffee table from an old Sonor bass drum which one of my daughter's ex-boyfriends had left behind  (lol, sorry Bobby!). 

I turned it on its side with its resonant head facing up, onto which I placed a thick, tempered glass top.  Voilà…I now had a pretty cool, drum-inspired coffee table in my studio!  I even had an autographed photo of Carmine Appice (of Vanilla Fudge fame) under the glass for further inspiration!  Needless to say, everyone who visited the Cave loved my bass drum coffee table!

On the day of the epiphany in 2020, I just so happened to have a used 18” Peavey Black Widow® sub speaker laying around, so I decided to mount that beast directly into the resonant head of the Sonor bass drum (sorry Carmine!). The heavy 18" speaker was now literally floating in suspension by the reinforced drum head.  I wired it up, set it on its side and fired it up! 


Wow! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, seeing and feeling!  From that point on I was driven to find ways to improve upon and reproduce these subwoofers for music fans everywhere! That was the genesis of SubDrum®!

Personally I had always felt that the weakest link in any sound system would be the speakers, since little attention is ever paid to “what” actually produced the sounds which the designer wants them to replicate.  Most speaker designers install speaker drivers directly into a rectangular wooden box and just hope for the best!  Frankly, other than a cajón, I can’t think of too many musical instruments that produce sound from what’s basically a rectangular wooden box?   

At SubDrum®, we decided to literally “think outside the box!”

After all, sound is round!  When you think about sound waves (in particular bass frequencies), consider that they are produced and dispersed in a round, mostly spherical pattern.  Bass and percussion sounds are typically produced by a round instrument such as a kick/bass, snare or tom drum.  So it makes sense that a speaker's cabinet should also be round (cylindrical)!


SubDrum® subwoofers and full range SpeakerToms™ take optimum advantage of the sound characteristics of the drums themselves, without “coloring” the reproduced sound in any unnatural way.  With our patent-pending, float-in-head design technology, we have found a way to isolate unwanted speaker frame vibrations from reaching the cabinet (in our case the drum's shell), which can contribute to cabinet resonance distortion!


When matched up with a stereo pair of full range SpeakerToms™ and SubDrum® 2.1 Class D Amp, you will now have a complete SubDrum® sound system which can emulate a live performance...right in your home, studio or business venue, while at the same time look super cool in virtually any setting!  


Let us know how we can help you to own the coolest music-themed sound system on the planet.  We custom produce them in your choice of drum brands  (i.e. PDP/DW, Ludwig, Yamaha etc), in a variety of colors, finishes and system configurations!

All the best!


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