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"Instruments of Sound!"
Larry & Ryan at NAMM 2023 in Anaheim!

Larry Moroni & Ryan Gillham at NAMM 2023

About Us!

SubDrum Industries LLC (Melbourne, Florida USA) engineers and designs an innovative line of audio subwoofers, speakers and sound systems produced from actual acoustic drum components, marketed under the registered trademark SubDrum®.


The Company was formed in early October 2020 by drummer / audiophile /electronic technician and entrepreneur Larry Moroni who resides on Florida’s high tech Space Coast.  Ryan Gillham joined Larry in 2022 to further the production and marketing of the Company's products. The company has developed and produced some of the most incredible sounding and visually impactful subwoofers and sound systems on the audio market today.


In January 2022, SubDrum Industries LLC filed two U.S. Patents (Pending) regarding the particular design and innovative technologies that went into the making of SubDrum®.   Not only do SubDrum® subwoofers and speakers have a novel, music inspired look; they also sound amazing due to their patent pending “flotation mount” technology.  This mounting  prevents unwanted speaker frame resonances from transmitting to the drum shell’s “cabinet”.  The result is pure, unadulterated sound…free from cabinet distortions and unwanted resonances. 


SubDrum® took advantage of this vibration isolation in other ways; it allowed creation of a vibration-free, glass-topped coffee table subwoofer when turned 90º on it’s head!   Vibration isolation is further enhanced by the use of rubber risers to lift and isolate the tempered glass top, allowing the powerful mid-bass frequencies to “escape” and permeate throughout the listening area.


SubDrum®  took the technology a step further by transforming tom tom drums into speaker cabinets for mid-range and full-range speakers in several design configurations.  In combination…the SubDrum® Coffee Table  and full range SpeakerToms™ are an eclectic mix of sound and design artistry which are right at home in virtually any setting, providing a forward thinking conversation piece in your home theater, music room, club or music venue!


Larry Moroni & Ryan Gillham at NAMM 2023 in Anaheim